11 Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

As we fly through the second quarter of the year there are definitive emerging trends that are influencing kitchen design in 2019. In this list we’ll summarize the most influential trends for the Windsor-Essex region that will remain relevant for some time to come.

1. Black cabinets

White kitchen cabinets are still a predominant fixture in kitchen design, and gray has been steadily trending upwards since 2017, but the wave of all-white minimalism may be at its crest. The rise of warm less clinical alternatives have arrived: black cabinetry is a bold design choice that says elegance and sophistication. Notable trending mentions include: navy blue, dark hunter green, and natural and stained light-to-medium wood in oak.

2. Larger kitchens, larger islands

Consilience between recent design trend studies conducted by Houzz and the NKBA confirm homeowners are making their kitchens larger when remodeling. More than three-quarters of survey respondents doing kitchen remodels were increasing the size of their kitchens, and more than a third of baby bombers in the study group are increasing the size of their kitchen to address existing and future ageing-related needs (ie. open floor plans for better accessibility).

Kitchens continue to be influenced by open concept design and the incorporation of pantries and larger islands are the most popular design decisions.

Photo via  Ideal Home

Photo via Ideal Home

3. Engineered materials rule the roost

White quartz countertops, king of the kitchen space

From the perspective of kitchen designers and contractors, we're not surprised that quartz has surpassed granite as the most popular choice for kitchen countertops in the past few years according to a recent Houzz study. Engineered quartz's dominance over natural stone will only continue as manufacturers release more variations of white colours, especially marble and other veined natural looks. It's hard to resist a product that offers the classic elegant beauty of marble with the uncompromising durability and low maintenance of engineered stone.

Engineered wood, vinyl and resilient flooring

Most remodels use ceramic and porcelain flooring in the kitchen but engineered wood and vinyl/resilient flooring have become more popular than hardwood. We see this trend continuing through 2019 due to its affordability, ecological sustainability, and continually improving products.

Calacatta Gold  quartz countertop

Calacatta Gold quartz countertop

4. Full height backsplash

White and various shades of it have been the predominant colour of choice for backsplash and ceramic or porcelain tile the predominant material. This classic look will continue, however, we think the high-end look of white veined marble or quartzite slabs on the backsplash will be incorporated into more mid-range kitchen remodels. With the market saturation of affordable white marble-look engineered quartz, this high-end look can be imitated for a lower cost, with a product more durable and lower maintenance than marble.

Calacatta Gold  quartz full height backsplash with open shelving

Calacatta Gold quartz full height backsplash with open shelving

5. Open shelving

Open shelving can have the triumvirate effect of adding charm, creating depth, and saving money on your next remodel by purging the addition of some wall cabinets in favour of well placed open shelving.

Photo via  Cambria Style

Photo via Cambria Style

6. Pendant lights

Pendant lights are a sleek addition to any kitchen design from old-world to contemporary. These versatile hanging items add function and form, as a statement piece to designate, anchor, and illuminate important areas of the kitchen. The variety of design options lets you mix metals with other kitchen hardware or use colour to give pops of personality in predominately white kitchens.

Photo via  Cambria Style

Photo via Cambria Style

7. Built-in appliances

Cooktops, microwave drawers, refrigerator drawers, and concealed range hoods. Appliances no longer need to stand-out. Integrated appliances are here and becoming more affordable. These items are no longer the jurisdiction of high-end remodeling projects, and we should see prices decreasing yet again during the holiday season as inventory is discounted to make way for next seasons latest models.

Microwave drawer

Microwave drawer

8. Mixing metals

In the last few years, we saw gold coloured metals burst back into kitchen designs replacing the monochromatic orthodoxy of chrome, stainless steel, and nickel. But we don't need to swap one monochromatic look for another. When done correctly, the subtle mixing of metals will add depth, visual interest, and charm to your kitchen space.

9. Tech in the kitchen, again

With each year more kitchen items are able to interface with us in new ways. Kitchen appliances have offered online connectivity and monitoring for several years. Basic items, such as sink faucets, are re-imagined to incorporate tech in the form of temperature controlled LED ambient lights.

As kitchen remodels continue to emphasize the kitchen space to be the central hub of the home, a relatively low-cost but often overlooked category that will continue to increase in demand is kitchen power solutions for mobile devices. From Decora duplex receptacles with USB charging ports to retractable power bars with USB charging and LAN connectivity. The type of item typically seen in corporate conference room tables can be easily built-in to your kitchen countertop island.

Retractable power station for countertop

Retractable power station for countertop

10. Farmhouse, industrial, and vintage styles

Transitional kitchen design styles are expended to remain the most popular style for the next several years, but farmhouse (and industrial to a lesser degree) is steadily trending upwards.

Vintage inspired elements are also being incorporated into kitchen designs, such as cabinets with furniture base legs, lantern style pendant light fixtures, LED Edison light bulbs, live edge open shelving, and rattan furniture elements and accent pieces to name a few.

11. Colour stainless steel sinks and faucets

The option of colours adds versatility to stainless steel sinks. Black has the ability to blend in beautifully with almost any countertop colour and gold provides a spectacular visual statement. We've had a lot of interest from clients in our colour stainless steel sinks compared to the alternative option, coloured granite composite sinks, which until recently was a go-to option.

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