Our Top 10 Viefe Cabinet Handles

Whether you want to freshen up your existing cabinetry, built-ins, or furniture pieces, or about to embark on a redesign of a space in your home, using the proper decorative cabinet hardware is an easy way to improve or influence the look of any living space. Deciding on which handles to use can be a daunting task with the overwhelming amount available from each manufacturer alone. Part of our job is looking at these items and curating the best selections for our clients. In this list we’ve collected our favourite contemporary hardware from Viefe.

Located in Spain, Viefe is a manufacturer of high-quality contemporary European handles. They’re one of several decorative hardware product lines we are excited to offer our clients.


10. Fruit 0113

The entire Fruit collection. (Photo: Viefe)

The name of this collection — Fruit — could not be more appropriate. These polished chrome designer knobs are fun and will add personality to any piece with their bite size reveal. The white, black, and brown colours lean more to the complimentary side of the spectrum, while their vibrant variants in lime, orange, and red will definitely add some punch to any piece.

Finishes: Polished chrome and white, black, brown, lime, orange, red
Best for: Furniture
Overall size: 40mm x 38mm


9. Vann 9314

Vann 9314 mounted horizontally in brushed stainless steel (left) and dark brass (right). (Photo: Viefe)

The only edge pulls on the list, Vann is a modern aluminum collection with an ultra-simple aesthetic. The slight incline on the front of the pull makes gripping easy. The Vann collection can be mounted seamlessly, either vertically on doors or horizontally on drawers, to the rear face of the cabinet front. Available in up to 1200mm overall lengths, Vann beautifully integrates with large drawer or doors such as pantries or wardrobes.

Finishes: Brushed stainless steel, matte black, dark brass, anodized bright, anodized matte
Best for: Modern kitchens, all types of modern furniture from bedrooms to offices
Overall lengths: 100mm to 1200mm


8. Kares 0306

Kares 0306 handle in brushed nickel. (Photo: Viefe)

If you like modern style handles with a resemblance to bin pulls, the Kares collection is for you. This bin pull-type handle features a pyramidal geometric shape endowing it with depth at its apex, and a graspable bottom open end. Given its geometry, Kares lends itself to contemporary spaces though its simplicity could potentially work with different styles.

Finishes: Polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte white
Best for: Contemporary kitchens, contemporary furniture - drawers, matte white version in contemporary bathrooms
Overall lengths: 88mm to 312mm


7. Domo 0294

Domo 0294 knob collection in matte gold accent finish. (Photo: Viefe)

Domo is one of the most versatile Viefe collections available in a combination of six acrylic finishes and four metal accent colours. Domo is suitable for clean contemporary styles, mid-century modern styles, and Art Deco style environments. The two opaque versions of the knob match well when used same color palette on cabinetry or furniture; think black opaque finish/matte gold accent knob on black vanity cabinets for a sophisticated masculine environment.

Finishes: A combination of six acrylic finishes (translucent, translucent grey, translucent light brown, translucent dark brown, opaque white, opaque black) and four metal accent colours (matte black, polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte gold)
Best for: Bathrooms, walk-in closet built-ins, office and home furniture
Overall lengths: 50mm x 50mm


6. Graf2 0430

Graf2 in dark brass. (Photo: Viefe)

Graf2 seems to take inspiration from a simple European bar pull with its long cylindrical body. Except the Graf2 is anything but simple. The mesh-like texture feels good in your hand and it makes for a surface with an attractive detailed industrial pattern that can glitter when reflecting light. This collection also offers small matching t-shaped knobs, as well as matching conventional knobs.

Finishes: Brushed stainless steel, dark brass, brushed black
Best for: Modern kitchens and bathrooms, bedroom furniture, hotel facilities
Overall lengths: 182mm to 1200mm


5. Smee 0370

Smee 0370 pull in brushed nickel. (Photo: Viefe)

Another versatile pull due to its reversible nature and horizontal or vertical mounting format, the Smee can be mounted in four different configurations. Smee is not just a simple arched pull with clean lines; its thickness and wedge form bestow it with elements of weight and character. Though limited to only two sizes, it is available in a handful of finishes including an exclusive brushed cooper finish.

Finishes: Polished chrome, brushed nickel, brushed brass, brushed cooper
Best for: Kitchens and bathrooms
Overall lengths: 166mm to 231mm


4. Ferri 0249

Photo: Viefe

The crisp straight lines in brushed or polished stainless steel are the epitome of a minimalist contemporary look. This handsome design is so extraordinarily simple and clean that it can be applied to many kitchen and bath design styles.

The only drawback to this collection is the limited finishes in only polished and brushed stainless steel. Thankfully Viefe offers the similar U collection available in a variety of finishes.

Finishes: Polished stainless steel, brushed stainless steel
Best for: Kitchens, bathrooms, all types of furniture
Overall lengths: 128mm to 512mm


3. Ara W 0239

Wooden handle Ara W in walnut. (Photo: Viefe)

Pictures of the Ara W collection don’t do it justice. You need to see these handles in person and feel them in your hand. The minimalistic wood styling on the metallic frame can be complimentary, or it can alter the entire mood of your cabinetry; especially when placed with modern all-white slab doors, the natural wood tone of the walnut pops and produces a sense of warmth.

Finishes: Oak or walnut (and stainless steel base)
Best for: Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedroom furniture
Overall lengths: 220mm to 284mm


2. Brave 0452

Brave handle in metallic brown. (Photo: Viefe)

I typically prefer straight lines or angular shapes over curved forms. That is not the case with the Brave handle collection. As with the Ferri collection, Brave is defined by simple crisp straight lines, gradually reaching the crescendo of a subtle, elegant curve. Brave is available in up to 600mm and 1150mm overall lengths, making it very well suited for the application of large cabinet doors or drawers.

Finishes: Matte white, matte black, metallic grey, metallic brown
Best for: Kitchens, bathrooms, contemporary bedrooms
Overall lengths: 160mm to 1150mm


1. Animal Dreams Childrens Knobs

Animal Dreams sleeping cat knob. (Photo: Viefe)

I wanted to end the list with an unexpected handle. The Animal Dreams collection of childrens knobs presents seven playful depictions of animals sleeping. Made in acrylic, these items add colour and fun to juvenile furniture and spaces.

Designs: Cat, chicken, crocodile, dog, pig, rabbit, seal
Best for
: Children's rooms and furniture, nurseries, child care centres, pediatric spaces, child oriented commercial spaces
Knob diameters: 50mm, 52mm, 60mm

The complete Animal Dreams collection. (Photo: Viefe)

Let us know what your favourite contemporary selections would be. Reach out to us for any decorative hardware you need for your renovation or remodel project.