Will you work with us if we manage our own project?

This depends on the scope of work and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. We typically advise homeowner’s against this but are not opposed to working with you.

The payoff for this approach is tempting and sometimes–for smaller projects–it will be a success, but there is a level of risk. Homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed from making inexperienced decisions, agreeing to undefined or ill-suited contracts (Unit Price Contracts, Cost-Plus Contracts, etc) for the scope of work, mix-ups, and delays resulting in extra costs. Eventually, all parties involved may be finger-pointing and the teamwork and professionalism required to bring a project to completion dissolves into disputes and bad feelings.

Often it's a job better left for the professionals to undertake. Aside from our experience with anticipating problems, scheduling and dealing with trades and vendors, we can offer accountability: our trades and vendors are accountable to us because of our relationships with them in the industry. Far too often we see homeowners lacking sway with the workers they’ve hired.